Daniel Roos

In the delectable world of the culinary arts, Daniel Roos has shone like a bright star in the pastry scene within Sweden. With delicious beginnings as a chief pastry chef of six-year at the famous Operakällaren and the restaurant Jonas in Stockholm, he has delighted many with his masterful work of culinary expertise that continues today to delight the tongue and sense. His skills have graced the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in June of 2010. For a worldwide audience, he has delivered perfect mastery and artistic creations as part of the culinary team of Sweden from May 2009 through December 2012, which culminated in winning the Olympic gold medal.

Today, Daniel Roos created his wondrous culinary creations at K-märkt on Stockholm and Garrison. He presents his child-like creativity in building desserts like LEGO pieces while staying professional enough to tackle the responsibility for making the desserts at the Noble Banquet. As Sweden’s most acclaimed pastry chefs, Daniel Roos adds a quirky and fun style that will not only tantalize the senses and your taste buds but also delivers lasting delight to the dishes he creates.

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