Gert Klötzke

As a culinary master for over 50 years, if you were to ask, “what’s on the menu,” the answer is a most definite Gert Klöstzke. Even though he is currently as Sweden’s first professor in gastronomy at Umea University since 2014, he has brought his mastery of the culinary arts to the world’s table as part of the Swedish Culinary Olympic Team. His participation has brought him worldwide renown along with several culinary Olympic and World Cup Gold Medals. Other awards he carries include the Swedish Chef of the Year and Swedish Game Chef awards.

His time competing started in 1986 and followed with the Wild Chef of the Year, and the Special Award of the Jury at the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards for his Forest Food. His work has appeared within a large number of cookbooks, with many speaking about the topics of wildlife and health. On top of his work in the Olympics and the University, he has also appeared as a guest chef at the Icehotel Restaurant in Sweden alongside Daniel Roos to a limited number of seats and was inspired by the midnight sun.

As a master chef, Gert holds numerous seminars and makes guest chef appearances at restaurants all around the world. He has also been a long active member of the Nobel Banquet Committee. In 2006, Klötzke was responsible for the banquet dinner at HM King Carl Gustav XVI’s 60th birthday, which shows the prestige Gert carries as a world call chef.

While his work in Gastronomy is important to himself and Sweden, his culinary delights are as eternal as the watches he wears. We are proud to have Gert Klötzke as a true ambassador for Chantelle Vance. His love for watches, like his love in the culinary arts, is timeless and serves as a prime example of how elegance and style reach across professions. Serving up a delicious dinner with style and sophistication is a regular trademark of Gert Klötzke.


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