As Time Stands Still

Chantelle Vance Valentine's Day Blog

With Valentine’s Day coming, it has a deep and rich history dating back to ancient Rome in 496 with the Roman Festival Lupercalia. It was adopted by the Catholic Church to feature St. Valentine and has since been with us ever since. At Chantelle Vance, we know the customs of getting our significant other that perfect gift to celebrate your love. Sharing affection to this person is a part of the romance itself.

No matter how much time has passed between you and your partner while together, you’ll never forget that one precious moment when your eyes lock and for a brief, magical moment, your held eternity in your lover’s gaze and infinity in their heartbeat. For once, time stood still for you both as the world spun like crazy around you, leaving you been dizzy in love and full of hope.

This year, keep this hope alive. Every second with your partner is a gift that’s as precious and fragile as time itself. Chantelle Vance knows how vital love and passion are, as each one is in the very essence of our watches. While our watches won’t count your calories or many miles you’ve walked, they will help you keep track of every heartbeat of every second that beats for the person you love.

With every touch of your partner, you will find that time once again stands still. Valentine’s Day may have a dark past, but now, it is a renewal, a rededication of a hopeful and bright future with the person you care most about.