Magic of the season


For many of us, the holidays bring cooler weather and the magical feeling of being trapped in a snow globe. Music fills the air everywhere we go to remind us of the season and fills our souls with enchantment and wonder. It's an enduring time of the year that has lasted centuries and has crossed borders, cultures, and even religions. We see it in every store, and when we turn on the radio, and those endless nights by the fire in front of the television.

At Chantelle Vance, we reflect on this special time of year. We have achieved much in such a short time. For us, the whole year has captured this season of merriment in a second of time. We have built relationships and pushed us outside our comfort zone to make our dream come true, but in the end, it all comes down to you, our customers.

Like our watches, this holiday season is an enduring part of the year that allows us to truly keep track of what we need to be thankful for. It has been a time of celebration and festivities while keeping in mind that we couldn’t do it without those around us.

As the snow falls, so do the blessings, and also the heartaches. For many of us, time is ticking away all too fast, while others see it pass in slow motion. As we celebrate the season, it’s important to remember that goodwill towards men is not just lyrics in a song, but the perfect time to reach out to others who need some extra good cheer in their lives.

You, like our watches, are unique like every snowflake that falls from the sky, is an important part of this beautiful world. Built strong to stand the tests of time and able to spread joy and wonder in this world. Like time itself, we believe in the magic that is the essence of good that resides in our hearts and the watches we create.

Without you, our magic and love of time would never be seen, but because of you, we can lend our light to the world. Though 2019 has been a fantastic year, 2020 will hold even more excitement with new products for the world to see.

The season will bring memories that will last a lifetime. Take time during these busy and stressful holidays and spend it with your loved ones. We hope you cherish every second, minute, and hour of your time with your loved ones. May the magic of the season bring you into the new year with a fresh start. We want to say thank you to all our customers.

Without you, nothing we would have done would be possible. You are more than a customer, but a part of our family. We want to wish you the most magical and everlasting holiday.

Again, we thank you, because together, we are Chantelle Vance.