The desire to feel the actual product.


Time is a strange thing.
As we start a new year, we have been able to see the future by looking to our past. While many of our customers come from our online presence, many prefer to see our watches in person. We understand the need and desire to feel the actual product. To shop at a boutique and see the craftsmanship and quality that makes Chantelle Vance watches the eternal timepieces that they are.

Because of this, we have chosen to put our products in specially selected storefronts. Places that echo the same perfection and love for the time that we have. We don’t want our watches to be sold anywhere. Like each watch is unique and carries an everlasting charm, so do the places that will sell our watches. At Chantelle Vance, we hold our retailers to the highest quality. Like our watches, each one is carefully selected to sell our timepieces.

As you browse these stores, be sure to stop and look at our watches. Feel free to measure this moment, like a step out of time, as you see the lasting beauty in our timepieces. If you pick one up, reflect on the intricate details that separate our watches from others. Revel in the exquisite, yet simple design that is our trademark. Follow the movement of the hands as the second's tick by.

And remember, with every piece you touch, It’s like holding a moment of time in your hands.


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