Unisex since the '60s.


When it comes to fashion, the old saying, 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same.' Nothing says this is the truth like a timeless timepiece. While the term, 'unisex' may come off as strange, it was first used in the 1960s by the American magazine LIFE, to describe an upcoming trend where women wore men's clothing. Today, the term is the centre of equality debates. However, in the watch industry, is more benign and indicates a universal appeal of style over substance.

In a lot of marketing today, many unisex watches are seen on men wearing smaller models and women wearing bigger utility-oriented watches. A smaller watch doesn't necessarily need to be worn by someone with a thinner wrist, just as a bigger watch doesn't have to be worn by someone with a bigger frame. While this says a lot about the shifting times of fashion, it shows how timeless a classic watch truly is.

Benefits of Unisex Watches

  1. They can be shared between significant others. Let's face it; at some point, your partner is going to want to borrow more than your hoodie.
  2. There's no need to follow the dying traditions of outdated fashion trends geared towards specific genders. You can choose the watch that catches your eyes and fits your style and preferences, regardless of whom it was designed for.
  3. Unisex watches are designed more for any kind of wearer — a broader market where everyone is included in their fluid design and style. Gender-specific watches generate exclusivity while unisex watches offered a full inclusive spectrum of products.
  4. All watches are unisex in function, and the unexpected style choices can be a fantastic and subtle way to expand your style.
  5. Unisex watches can be worn anytime and anywhere. They can match with what you wear and type of business you work in or sports you take part in.

Many items worn in life by men and women is technically designed for a specific gender: gloves, scarves, belts, bags, and even socks. A unisex watch can be a focal point for its diameter, weight, or even its robust styling, rather than its perceived gender role. A chunky watch isn't always feasible for anyone, especially on certain occasions. When it comes to watches, Chantelle Vance is not labelled for either men or women.

Unisex watches run the gamut from style and sophistication to sports and everyday life. The classic Chantelle Vance timepiece comes in many styles to fit every person no matter their gender or direction in fashion. They have a functional purpose of telling time but also of how you represent yourself as a person. Whether you're athletic, refined, or even minimalistic, it's essential to consider what you want to say about yourself before you make your choice, unisex watches provide all of these without the barriers.

The benefits are as timeless as the watch on your wrist.


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