Our Story

Chantelle Vance

" Many carried the same products, which not only lacked originality, but the only difference was the companies branding."

Product innovation is the forefront of what we love to do. Our unique designs have helped companies in other industries and have inspired the creation of our brands. Our love for watches has been as timeless as the timepieces themselves. We have bought, seen, and admired them in all their exquisite beauty and costs. But it took one of our loved ones to tell us the story of Chantelle Vance that encouraged us to go into watchmaking.

It started with a search throughout the global market. As we visited different countries and faraway places, we witnessed time through the eyes of the people who lived there. We absorbed their watch-making and their unique practices in the art of timepiece creation.

With so many hours in research and design, along with studying brands both new and old, and watch companies around the globe, we’ve realized that the similarities are what brought all them together in the market. Many carried the same products, which not only lacked originality, but the only difference was the companies branding.

In the winter of 2019, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, we sat down with a desire to take all our travels, inspirations, and knowledge and pour them into a creation of something new. A timepiece the world has never seen before. Half the year’s winter was spent perfecting our inspired designs. With the influence of Chantelle, we created a watch that fits both men and women. No watch should be labelled with outdated gender influences but should gild the wrist of any gender in sophistication and style.

At Chantelle Vance, our unisex watches feature an elegant and minimalistic design that transcends time. With heavy Scandinavian influences, our watches are created with premium materials for longevity. The crown is designed after the cloudberry, the king of all berries, which shows that the wearer is born for greatness. The full-length second-hand copies the compass with its ice-blue half echoing the cool nature of the Arctic climate. Each leather band is sewn by hand with a diamond pattern that draws direct inspiration from the world’s most prestige vehicles.

Whether a step into or out of time, we present Chantelle Vance. We are more than a watch, but an exquisite timepiece that echoes the story of Chantelle and us the founders that have brought it to you.

Time has never been so perfect that you found us, and we believe you’ll find the watch you need, and from the warmth of our hearts, we thank you.